Plastics Europe Public LCI Database
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Flow Property data sets

NameCategoryDefault Unit GroupDefault Unit
ABS-polycarbonate blend (ABS+PC) (E)Units of masskg
ActivityUnits of radioactivitykBq
Aluminium and aluminium alloys (unspecified)Technical quantities / VDA material classification / 2 Lights alloys, cast and wrought alloys / 2.1 Aluminium and aluminium alloysUnits of masskg
Aluminium contentUnits of masskg
Aluminum (E)Units of masskg
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) (E)Units of masskg
Antimony contentUnits of masskg
Antimony in alloy (E)Units of masskg
Antimony oxide (Diantimony trioxide) (Sb2O3) (E)Units of masskg
AreaUnits of aream2