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Contact Data set: Angeline de Beaufort (en) en
Data set information
Short name Angeline de Beaufort
Name Angeline de Beaufort, consultant environmental affairs
Class name : Hierarchy level
  • ILCD: Persons
Contact Address Graeterweg 13, 6071 ND Swalmen, The Netherlands
Telephone + 31 475501014
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2012-10-26T16:05:47.326+02:00
Data set format(s)
Publication and ownership
UUID 6d719a3d-3631-46db-8c95-2453221e0349
Data set version 03.00.000
Permanent data set URI ../contacts/73b20716-c3b9-e08e-7f9c-00007364b4e9.xml